Provision for Admission

Admission will normally follow interview and tests to enquire only the inner interest and zeal for teaching. Academic certificates along with mark-sheets must be verified at the time of admission. The minimum qualification of a candidate must be +2 pass or equvalent. Candidate having teaching experience (if any) would be given priority for admission. The candidates must furnish their authentic certificates. The principal has the right to accept or reject any application for entry into the institute. Students may also be asked to leve the institute if they fail to pay thier fees as specified by the institute.

Curriculum and examination

Jai Bharat's College of Nursery Teacher's Trainin is an excellent organisation. The instructors are highly experienced with teaching psychology, methods and plans. They have maximum skill and ability to deal with the students according for their minimum level of thoughts, maximum capacity of learning etc. Besides this the innovative idea of Sri Aurovinda, Gandhijee and Rabindranath also heartly accepted in our day to day curriculums.

No Donation Provision

There is no provision of donation system in Jai Bharat's College of Nursery Teacher's Training. To meet its establishment budget and other running expenditure, the students should provide some liberal fees at the time of admission and examination.


No student is allowed to remain absent in working days. In case of illness or any reason to leave the class, the candidate has to seek due permission before the scheduled time. Each candidate must secure a minimum of 80% attendance at the time of final examination.

Fees Structure

At the time of admission: Rs.3000/- [Three Thousand Only]
Before first semistar examination: Rs.4000/- [Four Thousand Only]
Before second semestar examination: Rs.4000/- [Four Thousand Only]

Evaluation & Testing

Weekly evaluation & testing will follow the actual ability of the students. Emphasis must be given in practical aspects like action songs, story telling throught charts, puppet display and learning by playing.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”
― William Arthur Ward